7 zones on the mattress 180×200

Also, you should pay attention to the design of the zones in mattresses in 180 x 200. Today, mattresses with 7 zones are usually used, which are adapted to different parts of the body and thus optimally support the body. But there are also mattresses in 180 x 200 with 5 zones, or those that have no zones at all. In cold fluff mattresses, zones are usually created by means of cuts and holes in the cold fluff core.

Cold fluff mattresses with integrated zones are also available in an online Shop as a duo product with cold fluff and gel foam layer. Spring core products use springs of different strengths to create zones. By the way, mattresses with pocket spring core (short TFK) particularly point elastic, which thanks to individual springs, which are divided into zones, can react perfectly to pressure. Explore huge range of branded Mattress Sale Washington Square online at affordable price.

Mattress 180×200 – but which?

The important thing is, of course, the inner life, so the core of your mattress. Not every person here is all mattress cores equally well suited. When choosing the mattress, you should, therefore, pay attention to the advantages of the various types of mattresses. You will find the following variants of a mattress 180×200 in our online shop:

  • Cold fluff mattress 180×200
  • Spring mattress 180×200
  • Gel foam mattress 180×200
  • Boxspring mattress 180×200
  • Visco cold fluff mattress 180×200

In addition, you should pay attention to breathable materials, such as open-pore cold fluff, and pollution tests, after all, has several hours of contact with the mattress while sleeping. Take into account the information on the product, in an online Shop, products are awarded with Standard seal. We deliver free mattresses in 180×200 from the shop to your home, also with the standard delivery of other products plus shipping costs. If you are unsure which mattress 180×200 cm is right for you, let us advise you for free.

What do active sleepers have to look out for when using the mattress?

Active sleepers should attach great importance to a high point elasticity of the mattress so that the mattress yields also at those places, where the body exerts pressure on the mattress. The corresponding parts of the body are relieved and the pressure is distributed in a star shape on the mattress. On the other hand, the body is supported in those places where no pressure is exerted on the mattress. The point elasticity of a mattress also plays a major role in order to guarantee orthopedic correct positioning of the spine. Also, the body adaptation of mattresses is not insignificant for active sleepers: If the mattresses do not provide the necessary support force, the body would have to spend a lot of energy to change the sleeping position at night. However, the body can not regenerate sufficiently in this way. What mattresses need for restless sleepers is ergonomic zoning. The mattress should ideally have a division into 7 zones and corresponding pressure relief in the shoulder zone of the mattress and additional inserts in the lordosis zone.

Which mattress is the best for active sleepers?

For active sleepers, mattresses are suitable if the mattresses are flexible and can react quickly to movements. Visco mattresses made of memory foam are generally not very suitable for active sleepers because the viscoelastic foam of the Visco mattress only adapts to the body after a time delay. This is different from a cold fluff mattress.

Further advantages of cold fluff mattresses are their high compression hardness and restoring force. This means that the cold fluff mattress returns to its original state after being moved. The special structure of the cold fluff makes this also extremely point elastic so that the cold fluff mattress is able to sink the body into the mattress. What also distinguishes the cold fluff mattress is that the cold fluff of the mattress is particularly porous.

This ensures good moisture transport and the cold fluff mattress is particularly breathable. This property of a cold fluff mattress also appreciates allergy sufferers, since the breathability of the formation of mold and mildew is counteracted. Spring mattresses are also suitable for active sleepers. Amerisleep is known as Mattress Scottsdale.