Finding the perfect material for mattress

You have to figure it out that out for yourself and seek advice. Among the best known materials are spring core, latex and cold foam. Several metal springs that are related to each other, distinguish the spring mattress.

Small fabric bags envelop its springs of the pocket ferrule mattress. Heat and moisture are quickly dissipated in both mattress types. This ensures good ventilation. If you sweat a lot at night, you benefit from this material. Small disadvantage with the Bonell spring core: it swings slightly in our nocturnal wanderings. Here scores the pocket spring core.

It has elasticity with high point and only gives in at the places where you can relax in the mattress. In all other places it supports the body.

The foam mattresses were formerly considered extremely hard and extremely uncomfortable. It transports moisture well and retains the heat superior than the spring mattresses. So if you freeze fast, this is the better option for you. For cold foam mattresses you should pay attention to the respective room weights when selecting. The volume weight is indicating the foam density used in each case.

Pleasant nights promise you and your body the latex mattress. It fits your body very well. However, latex mattresses are not as easy to turn as the other sleeping documents due to their weight. They are alsoamong the higher priced mattresses.

Boxspringbeds: how good are the mattress castles?

Especially in the US, these beds, which consist of several types of mattresses and do without slatted, are widely used. The base of a box spring bed usually forms a spring mattress, on which lies a foam. The beds thus reach a height of 60 to 70 centimeters and warm well due to the upper cold fluff mattress.

In principle: Test a mattress extensively before you buy it – in all sleeping positions. Let us advise you which mattress type suits you best. “Try out the sleeping pad with your pillow,” advises sleep specialist. In combination, it may be very different on the mattress. After eight to ten years you should buy a new one. Because an old and saggy mattress can lead to back problems.

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