How is a gel mattress constructed?

Each gel mattress consists of different layers. The top layer of the mattress and thus also the body closest to the gel foam. The gel foam plate is between 2 cm and 8 cm high and allows a good body adaptation and pressure relief. Under this layer is the foam base. This supplements the gel foam plate and ensures the required back pressure. The foam base is about three times as thick as the gel foam panel. The two outer layers consist of upper material. For example, a cotton cover is used for this purpose.

Properties of the gel mattress


  • The gel foam adapts precisely to the body
  • especially suitable for restless sleepers
  • The material retains high adaptability even at cooler temperatures
  • By reducing the pressure points creates an optimal pressure relief
  • The spine is supported very well by the solid foam base
  • Gel mattresses are very durable
  • the movements will not be returned to the user
  • very well suited for allergy sufferers and slightly sweating people
  • the care is not very expensive

Which gel mattresses types are there?

In general, gel mattresses can be divided into 3 different types.

Mattresses with a gel layer are based on a stable underlayer. On the substructure is a special gel layer and this usually consists of individual gel cubes. There are ventilation slots between the individual cubes and these provide for very good ventilation. For high-quality gel mattresses, the gel granules used are permeable to diffusion. This optimally transports heat and moisture. Thanks to the gel layer, the mattress adapts to the respective body contour. As she returns to her original form relatively quickly, there are no recesses. Find high-quality mattresses and beds at great low prices at mattress store Houston Texas.

Gel beds are basically a variation of waterbeds. However, they are not filled with water, but with special gel granules. In direct comparison to a classic waterbed, a gel bed cannot return the movements. Furthermore, the gel beds are a lot cheaper than waterbeds. In general, a gel bed can be equipped with a heater. The increases in winter the sleeping comfort. With an insulating pad but also good results can be achieved.