The construction of the visco mattress in detail

With regard to the construction, Visco mattresses are very similar to cold fluff mattresses and, in fact, Visco foam is also a form of a cold fluff. A viscoelastic mattress consists of the so-called memory foam, the “shape memory foam”. It is a polymer that allows for optimal body adaptation of the mattress.

The core of a viscoelastic mattress is usually made of cold fluff, which is surrounded by Visco. Visco foam is particularly sensitive to body heat and weight – providing added stability and preventing it from sinking too deeply into the mattress. Of course, the cold fluff also brings good breathability, which contributes to a high level of hygiene.

The coating of the core with Viscoschaum may be present on one side or on both sides and serves to relieve pressure. The individual requirements determine whether one should opt better for a one-sided or for a two-sided coating. Buy visco mattress from best mattress stores Houston store.

The core should be as many cuts as possible to ensure the best possible ventilation. Typical is the cube cut, which ensures not only aeration but also a high point elasticity. In the so-called egg-box cut, however, the air regulation is even better. Instead of cubes, you will find here the air chambers. Such ventilation is very important, otherwise, there is a risk of heat build-up.

Features of the mattress

Visco mattress is often referred to as viscoelastic mattresses, memory foam mattress. However, the viscous mattress is not a gel foam mattress, as no gel component is processed here. Instead, visco foams are low strength polymer foams. Due to the weight and body heat of the person lying, this material is deformed so that it can adapt to the body optimally. The visco mattress, therefore, offers such a high point elasticity as no other type of mattress.

If the lying person moves in his sleep, the viscoelastic material reacts to it – more or less sluggish depending on the room temperature. The impression of the body on the mattress disappears faster when the room temperature is higher because then the visco foam softens.